Welcome to the RCMC!

Asalaam alaikum Sisters,

Whether you just took shahadah yesterday or twenty years ago, we are all fortunate and blessed to have received the guidance and mercy of Allah(SWT)! Too often, revert/convert sisters feel alone or isolated as they strive to establish their new life as a Muslim. Alhamdulillah, with the advancement of technology, we can inshaAllah build a strong online community together here at RCM. Please read the RCMC mission, membership, and community conduct details below.
Fin amanillah,
Your RCMC Moderators
To establish and maintain a welcoming and private online community for female Muslim reverts/converts. Through the sharing of our stories, experiences, and wisdom, we can inshaAllah build an ‘online’ sisterhood.

A ‘Members Only’Website: There are numerous blogs/sites for reverts/converts, but not everyone feels comfortable posting publicly. Additionally, the usual blogs/sites do not foster meaningful relationships between site visitors. This is what inspired the launch of RCM. We want RCM to be private so Muslimahs feel more comfortable. Non-members can only view Home and Islamic Resources page. To access the other pages (Weekly Discussion Topics, Sister2Sister, Our Journeys to Islam,  and Lifestyle Shares), you must be an approved member. Join us in our RCM community today!

RCM Community Agreement

  1. I will keep my membership username/password confidential in order to maintain the safe RCM community.
  2. I will participate in the RCM community in a respectful manner.
  3. I know that RCM is meant solely for building sisterhood between members but is not  meant to serve as an official source of Islamic scholarship.

Individuals whose activities jeopardize the caring and respectful culture of our community will be denied access.

RCMC MEMBERSHIP: To maintain the safe community of RCM, we have established a meaningful membership process. Access to the full RCMC website will only be granted to female Muslim reverts/converts who complete the following inshaAllah.

  1. Submit a membership request form.
  2. Approved members will receive their RCMC access password. Passwords will be changed periodically to ensure security.
  3. You will remain a full-access member as long as you abide by the RCM Community Agreement.